Over 10 years’ experience as a guide

My name is Tuula Savastano. I am a native Finn, have been living in Hesse, in Germany, since 1983 and have a particular liking for the city of Frankfurt.

I have been taking clients to visit small towns, large cities, areas of outstanding natural beauty and forests throughout Europe for over 10 years as a city, walking and tour guide.

In February 2019, I attained the highest qualification as a independent tour guide offered by the German National Tourist Guide Association (BVDG), which means that I meet all of the recognised European standards in my work of introducing my clients to some of the finest sights and highlights that Europe has to offer and of sharing my insider knowledge. I also, of course, offer tours through Helsinki and all of the other noteworthy destinations in my home country Finland. I gained my qualification as a tour guide and as a guide for Helsinki through Helmi Business & Travel College.

Prior to qualifying as a tour guide, I worked as a flight purser for an international airline for many years. This allowed me to visit many of the great cities of the world, different cultures and, above all, to meet many wonderful people. During this time, I also became very proficient at meeting business travellers and tour groups’ various requirements and needs right down to a “T”. I am fascinated by how people across the globe and in different environments – from remote mountain regions to busy cities – live their lives. No matter where you decide to explore, every one of my tours is designed to be inspiring and to present the kind of newness that make for an unforgettable experience.


Join me for an inspiring adventure in meeting new people and cultures and exploring different cities and countries. Let me take you to the unknown, the exceptional and the most inspiring places there are, all the while enjoying my services in Finish, German, English and Italian.

A small selection of my favourite destinations!


Tuula Savastano - Frankfurt Frankfurt is the fifth-largest city in Germany and not just an important international finance centre. Being home to St Paul’s Church, it is also the location of Germany’s first ever parliament, and a city where history and global business meet.


Tuula Savastano - Helsinki Most people visiting Finland will start in Helsinki – which is not just the gate to Finland, but also a fascinating city and home to a charming mix of historical buildings, churches, historical monuments, museums, streets, squares, shopping opportunities … all waiting to be explored!


Tuula Savastano - Finland My home country of Finland is not only famous for its forests and lakes – but it also smells of strawberries! Don’t believe me? Come and see for yourself.


Tuula Savastano - Rhein Why is the Rhine called ‘Father Rhine’ and how has it shaped not only entire geographical areas and regions, but also the people living in the cities along its shores? The Rhine is 1236 kilometres long and passes through six countries before flowing into the North Sea. Join me for a journey of discovery and experience the fascinating world of the Rhine first hand.


Tuula Savastano - Bayern Bavaria is considered the most independent of the German Federal states. The Bavarians are known to be very fond of their traditions and have not only achieved significant fame when it comes to football or automotive engineering, but the region is also known for its beautiful landscapes and charming historical towns, and plays a big role in how Germany is perceived across the globe.


Tuula Savastano - Austria The Alpine country of Austria is best known for its beautiful mountains and valleys. Two-thirds of the country are occupied by the Eastern Alps, which include the 3798-metre-high Grossglockner mountain. In addition to its natural beauty, Austria is also extremely welcoming to visitors, very nostalgic, romantic and known for its love of nature. The country’s diversity has had a significant impact on shaping what is now considered typical European. It also has rich traditions and a rich history of monarchies, musical genius’ like Mozart, delicious traditional cuisine, wines and a wealth of cultural monuments – all of which are waiting to be discovered by you.


Tuula Savastano - Alsace Alsace is a cultural and historical region with many beautiful churches, historical town centres and museums. Some of the most noteworthy of these are Strasbourg Cathedral, Colmar’s town centre, Haguenau, Strasbourg, Saverne as well as the Unterlinden Museum in Colmar with the famous Isenheim Altarpiece by Matthias Grünewald.


Tuula Savastano - Germany The area covered by Germany extends from the North and Baltic Sea coasts in the north with their beaches and mud flats right down to the Alps in the south, which is primarily covered by low mountain ranges. However, for tourists, Germany is most well known for its cultural treasures and has been considered a leading European centre of art across all disciplines since the late middle ages and has retained much of its Roman to Gothic and Postmodern architecture despite the destruction caused during the Second World War.


Tuula Savastano - Garmisch-Partenkirchen Apart from the area’s natural beauty, Garmisch-Partenkirchen is probably best known for the mural art native to this area, wayside shrines and decorative roof carvings on many of the town’s historical mountain houses.


Tuula Savastano - Colmar One of the most entertaining things to do in Colmar is to hop on a boat for a trip down the river Lauch, in particular if visiting with children, because the boats are regularly approached by near-tame coypu - large semi-aquatic rodents – with the expectation to be fed. Hence, it always pays to take a few carrots with you!


Tuula Savastano - Riquewihr Riquewihr is considered one of the finest examples of the pretty towns and villages found along the Alsace wine route. It is not only extremely picturesque, but also has a lot of excellent traditional cuisine on offer.


Tuula Savastano - Rovaniemi Considered the gateway to the north and located just south of the arctic circle, Rovaniemi is also the base for trips to the Arktikum museum, the Santa Claus Village and reindeer tours – the symbols of the North. On some nights, you will also be able to see the northern lights from here.


Tuula Savastano - Italy Italy is one of the most popular European tourist destinations. This is not only thanks to its wonderful traditional cuisine, which is considered one of the most influential national cuisines in the world, but also its rich cultural heritage and diverse landscapes, vast number of different monuments, 55 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, countless museums and cities like Rome, Naples, Florence and Venice, and regions such as Tuscany, South Tyrol, Sardinia and Emilia-Romagna.


Tuula Savastano - Heidelberg Germany’s oldest university, a world-famous castle and historical city centre shrouded in legend located right in the middle of the picturesque Neckar Valley. Join me for a first-hand experience of why this city has had such an impact on Germany’s image worldwide.


Tuula Savastano - Koblenz Koblenz is located right at the confluence of the Mosel and Rhine and has been a popular and busy destination since ancient times. The city’s solid fortifications also bear testimony to the importance of its strategic location at the German Corner (Deutschen Eck).

Moselle Valley

Tuula Savastano - Moselle Valley After the city of Trier, the Moselle Valley in Germany becomes very meandering and is full of vineyards, many of which are located on the steep river banks.

My specialisations: where would you like to explore?

According to a German saying, anyone going on a journey will come back with stories to tell. I always design my tours and plan the relevant routes in line with your particular interests and preferences. All of my tours will also allow you to really get to know the relevant country and its people, regardless of the destination. That is, no matter whether you decide on a walking or shopping tour, to visit cultural sites or to go on a culinary food tour – you will always come back with unique tales to tell and have a unique experience. Get ready for an unforgettable experience.

City tours

Cities are cultural and economic hubs with rich histories. They offer a wealth of cultural and architectural highlights, museums, unique culinary experiences and infinite possibilities for amazing shopping experiences. Get ready for an exhilarating city tour!

Activity tours

Discovering rivers by canoe, exploring new walking trails on foot or exploring an area by bike – undertaking an activity tour doesn’t just enhance physical well-being. Exploring the world in a physically active way adds a very special quality to that experience and is the stuff that stories are made of. Get active!

Walking tours

As Goethe already knew, “You have only been to a place, if you went there by foot.” Exploring a region on foot not only means getting to know the land and its people, but is also a wonderful way to make new experiences. No matter whether you are drawn to the Rhine valley or the Alps, you will be sure to discover a whole new world with me. Join me for a unique adventure!

Shopping tours

Getting a first-hand experience of the latest trends in action, sampling the newest collections and enjoying the wide choices available to shoppers in some of world’s greatest metropolises – that’s what my shopping tours are about. My insider knowledge and local experience means that you will get the most out of your experience without breaking the bank.

Cultural tours

Savouring rich cultural heritage directly on site with a professional guide by your side, seeing the latest productions live, experiencing the latest shows and work of exceptional artist first-hand – these are the kind of experiences that make a lasting impression. Use my contacts!

Food tours

My food tours and their culinary highlights are the perfect kind of treat for food lovers wishing to expand their horizons. These tours are designed to introduce you to culinary traditions of a specific country or region as they have evolved over the centuries and have become genuine gastronomic specialities. Bon appétit!

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